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Week 3

My post for week 3 have been lagging behind, mostly because week 3 was a week with a lot more than one picture, it consisted of 26 pictures, or portraits.

As a project I have decided to document my relatives, or as many of them as possible. So at my grandfather’s party, I got the opportunity to photograph more or less all the relatives on my mother’s side. So the picture, slightly delayed is a collage of all 26 portraits.

The setup was really simple. I borrowed a small room at the restaurant and put one studio flash to the right of the camera (Octabox ø 120cm), and tried to use a door to the left of the subjects as reflector to get some separation on the left side. As for camera, I picked my go to camera for serious work (still), my Nikon D800 + 24-70mm f/2.8. A perfect combination in most situations.


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